Dear Gossips,   

Happy New Year! 

New year, new gossip…and also the same gossip. After all, Leonardo DiCaprio is still hanging out with under-25 year old models. We’ll get to that soon. 


For now, let’s focus on the Golden Globe Awards because they’re happening exactly a week today after taking a seat for two years and one of the big questions about the event has been whether or not celebrities will show up. According to Variety, a LOT of celebrities will be showing up. Steven Spielberg will be leading The Fabelmans team, which also includes Michelle Williams, and Daniel Craig and Rian Johnson are showing up for Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery and I feel like for the rest of the industry, once they see those names confirmed, their decisions will have been made for them.

Celebrities can’t resist the spotlight, after all. But also, it’s a competitive year across all major award categories with no clear frontrunners save one: Ke Huy Quan has emerged as the current favourite for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Everything Everywhere All At Once. He is the most awarded actor so far this award season. I opened with him on our last posting day of 2022 and I’m opening with him again on our first posting day of 2023 because wouldn’t it be great if this could be the energy that defines the year. 


Not just him…but his character, and Waymond’s “be kind” monologue, one of the most moving cinematic moments from the year that was. 

Yours in gossip,