Mimi isn’t the only one spending the holidays in Aspen and she isn’t the only one who always spends the holidays in Aspen. Kate Hudson is an Aspen regular at Christmas because Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have been going to Aspen for years, joined by their good friend Melanie Griffith so their children grew up together. Which means Dakota Johnson is in Aspen and she’s dating Chris Martin so he’s there with her and Chris is consciously uncoupled and co-parenting with Gwyneth Paltrow and G has been friends with Kate for years so it’s an Aspen Christmas for the kids and the new partners.

Dakota and Chris were seen walking arm-in-arm heading to meet G and Brad Falchuk the other day. And G and Chris were photographed going skiing together yesterday with their kids. I suppose, after all these years and all this time, it really isn’t all that remarkable anymore. It is as amicable as possible, they are as close as possible. 

Not that it’s any of my business but since I’m petty and nosy, I wonder what the living arrangements are. Do they all stay in one chalet? Or is it separate accommodations? Would it be weird for you if you and your current spouse were sleeping in the next bedroom. How many of us actually are that chill?