It was announced earlier this week that there’s a Celine Dion movie happening and some people are calling it a biopic. It’s not really a biopic…but it is based on Celine. What? Per Variety

French studio Gaumont said Thursday that its upcoming Celine Dion film will not be a biopic but a fictional “homage” that draws heavily from the details of the singer’s life and uses many of her hit songs.

The film – tentatively titled “The Power of Love,” the same name as one of Dion’s songs – is directed by and stars Valerie Lemercier. She plays “Aline,” a young woman who grows up in a large Canadian family, is discovered as a major talent in her teens, becomes a global sensation and experiences the tragedy of losing her husband, just as happened to Dion.

The promotional materials conflate Lemercier’s character with Dion, inviting viewers to “discover the incredible story of Celine Dion through the tender, funny gaze of Valerie Lemercier, who pays her a vibrant homage.” But the names of the characters have been changed, as well as some details of Dion’s life.

This may be an unpopular opinion but I prefer an homage over a biopic in this case. You know why? Because an homage allows for way more creative license – in Celine’s case, there can’t be enough creative license. Her attitude, her personality, the extra-ness, the feelings, ALL THE FEELINGS, allow for creative licence. An homage will push right into those feelings, for the sake of just feeling, without having to worry about realism or whatever. There are few people as genuinely over-the-top as Celine Dion and a biopic, to me, would limit how far OVER they could go. I’m first in line to see this movie. Also Celine has given them her permission to use her music so you know what this movie is also going to be? 


Imagine going to a screening, like the premiere, and Celine’s there? And she’s in the audience? She’ll be the one singing along, the loudest, and CRYING. And feeling. And laughing the hardest. Please, I need this to happen to me. Please, please, please. 

Do you think they’ll recreate this moment? Specifically what she does at the 2:29 mark: 


I remember the jokes about how freaked out the jeweller must have been when she pounded her chest like that. This is another thing – I’m gonna need that actress playing Celine/Aline to be practising her lunges and her chest thumps because if this movie is light on both, I will revolt.

As for the outfits, will this one show up? 


While we’re on the subject of outfits, Celine gave us a lot of them this week. There were parachute pants and Miyake pleats. There was an animal print apron. And there was a pair of track pant jeans, Aaliyah-styles, that she’s wearing the sh-t out of it. At any age!