Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber did A Thing. 


And in response, The Internet is doing what it does best:


The Thing was captured at this weekend’s Academy Museum Gala in Los Angeles. 

If anyone is curious as to what my reaction was, here’s a close example:

But the reason why my jaw dropped was not for the same reason as many others online, and here’s why. 


The Selena-Justin-Hailey situation was one of the most talked about dramas while I was growing up. Selena’s face was a face I saw while watching Wizards of Waverly Place, and a voice I heard on my iPod Nano. I was obsessed with her, and I mean, who wasn’t? So when the biggest pop star and everyone’s crush, Justin Bieber, started dating her, I was introduced to the powerful/ magical/ sometimes-terrifyingly-obsessive world of shipping

Their high-profile on-and-off-again romance between 2011 and 2014 had me HOOKED, and despite their breakup, I was among those who believed they would eventually get back together…until Hailey Baldwin came around. I’m not going to lie—it was kind of tough for that 12-year-old inside to let go of the chances of Selena and Justin getting back together. On top of that, there have been lots of rumours surrounding the timeline. Even with all of that in mind, to me, Jelena ended when Hailey and Justin got married in 2018. But because of the powerful/ magical/ sometimes-terrifyingly-obsessive world of shipping, a lot of people didn’t want to accept the end of Jelena.

So while other people’s reactions to the photos yesterday were because they saw the story like this…

my reaction was because I was shocked to see Selena agree to this—especially since Selena has been quiet about anything surrounding Justin. As fans of celebrities, it’s easy to forget that these things are never coincidences. All of Hailey’s people and all of Selena’s people were involved in this photo which is meant to look like a moment casually captured (by celebrity photographer Tyrell Hampton) at the event. Selena was the last of three puzzle pieces in this story, and for one reason or another (I wouldn’t be surprised if it was timed like this because the trailer for her new documentary was released just last week), she’s decided to join the picture (pun intended).


This was great timing on both parts—especially after the reaction to Hailey’s appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast which wasn’t great. Even though she attempted to clear up any man-stealing and other allegations between her and Selena, it just wasn’t enough. The people had to see it to believe it, so Hailey and Selena said “here” without having to say a single word with these photos. 

I highly doubt we’ll be seeing these two ladies become besties, but they’re obviously both over the drama and want to move on. Shout out to Selena for agreeing to making this moment happen, because it’ll be one we will never forget.