Charlie Hunnam gave an interview last year while promoting The Lost City Of Z, casually dropping into conversation that he’s close with My Obsession, Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and as a I wrote at the time, my head exploded. Charlie and Sam know each other from Fifty Shades Of Grey, when he quit Christian Grey because of scheduling embarrassment. And I sent my gossip wish into the universe, please, Sam, take some pictures. Well, here it is: 


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In fact, it’s a whole movie. The film adaptation of A Million Little Pieces. From what Aaron’s face looks like in this shot, I’m thinking he’s playing James Frey. Sam and Aaron worked on the script together. She’s directing, obviously. 

You know who else is in the movie? Ryan Hurst, better known perhaps as Opie, Jax Teller’s best friend on Sons Of Anarchy. So it’s a mini SAMCRO reunion too. 


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Here’s another shot from earlier this month of Aaron and Charlie together going over their script. 

This is fine and I’m not complaining. But when is this movie coming out? Because I’m already waiting for the press tour. And the interviews they’re going to do together. And all the posing in suits they’re going to do together. With Sam too. Charlie finally got to work with Sam.