The Wimbledon final is always a major celebrity draw. And yesterday’s men’s final brought out the stars, including ones who generally keep a pretty low profile. Like Ariana Grande. Ari is very, very famous. And Ari, by the standards of her cohort, having grown up on social media and during the rise of the attention economy, is actually pretty elusive. 


We know she’s been in London working on Wicked but she’s not out here getting papped every day, she’s not a regular at Chiltern Firehouse, she’s not at all the parties and posing on all the yachts. So her appearance at the All England Club to watch Carlos Alcaraz defeat Novak Djokovic in five sets (yes!) can be called a rare one. 

Ariana was seated between Jonathan Bailey and Andrew Garfield, both in tan suits. Did they plan this? Is it a fall fashion campaign? Because with Ari in a lovely grey sweater dress, it’s giving October wardrobe. Which I am not ready for. 

Nobody was paying attention to the clothing though. It was her ring they were looking at – or the absence of it. There are also other times on social media when she’s also not wearing it, and now some are wondering if it means that she is separated. 


Ariana and Dalton Gomez celebrated their second wedding anniversary back in May and she posted about it. 

So that’s only two months ago. Is this a case of her just not wearing her big ring to Wimbledon and nothing more? Or are there issues in the marriage? 


According to TMZ Ari and Dalton hit a “rough patch” in their relationship a few months ago – but that could have been before the anniversary? 

Maybe the big issue is the distance. Ariana has been in working on Wicked for a LOOOOOONG time and Dalton’s business is based in LA and yes, of course, travel for celebrities isn’t as much of a pain in the ass as it is for us but in relationships, it’s about rhythm. If the rhythm of the relationship has no consistency because of distance, in spite of everyone’s best interests to spend time together, and that goes on and on and on, the lives can start diverging. 

I know ring watch isn’t usually the most reliable determinant of relationship status but I feel like in this case… there might be something here.