Lady Gaga was not nominated for an Oscar for her performance as Patrizia Reggiani which some consider to be a snub. However she will still be at the Oscars as her name was announced with the first round of presenters yesterday. Along with Kevin Costner, Zoë Kravitz, Rosie Perez, Chris Rock, and last year’s Best Supporting Actress winner, Youn Yuh-jung, were also confirmed. 


Gaga is a member of the Academy and an Oscar winner for Best Song (“Shallow”, obviously, from A Star is Born), so she’s part of the Oscar community, even if she’s not contending for one this year. Of course it makes sense for her to be there. And it’s smart that she’s still going despite the so-called snub. Gaga will likely be nominated again for acting – this is an opportunity to build goodwill, showing that she doesn’t just care about the Oscars when she’s involved, that she respects the institution whether or not she’s recognised individually. 

So what award will she present? The obvious choice would be one of the music-related categories. But Best Makeup and Hairstyling could be a possibility? House of Gucci’s only nomination comes in that category – and one of the nominees from that team, Frederic Aspiras, is just the second Asian American to be contending in the category. Frederic has worked with Gaga for 13 years. Should House of Gucci win, it would be a special moment for him to have the award handed to him by her. 


That said, Makeup and Hairstyling is one of the eight categories that the Oscars will reportedly be cutting from the live broadcast. Instead those awards will be presented an hour before the show goes live and edited into a package during the show. As Sarah wrote in her post about this, it’s a dumb and insulting decision – and it won’t make a difference. Pushing those categories off-air isn’t going to draw a bigger audience. 

Still, that montage will have to be introduced by a presenter. Could it be Gaga? It would mean a busier schedule. She’d have to get there early, do the trophy presentation, walk the carpet, and then the in-show intro. 

And one final note on Frederic Aspiras, if you hadn’t already seen this tweet: 

Attached - Gaga getting coffee in LA the other day.