I’d planned on writing about this yesterday but interest/forgot and it turns out that worked out because now we have new photos to go with this post about Jon Hamm. Here he is out for coffee yesterday in LA. 

Anyway, according to The Sun, Jennifer Aniston did not spend much time at all with Brad Pitt on Oscar night at Guy Oseary’s party but she was seen with Jon Hamm at one point. 

“A source told The Sun Online: "I saw her go over to Brad and say a quick hi to him - then she spent a lot of time chatting to Jon.

"They were talking for ages and seemed to know each other really well. Everyone noticed."

I first wondered about Gossip Genie-ing Jen and Jon back in 2018 though it’s probably not a good lifestyle fit… which is why it makes sense. In the end, Justin Theroux wasn’t a good lifestyle fit either, right? 

But this is The Sun. And they took a big swing last year during award season on Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron and struck out. I don’t know about the legitimacy of his story. Also, Jen and Jon have known each other a while, run in the same circles. He was at her 50th birthday party last year, he’s tight with Jason Bateman and so is Jen, which means that, yes, they do “know each other really well”, and probably have for years. It’s not that she would just be getting familiar with him. If it is a thing, it would be one of those things where someone you’ve known for a long time is suddenly a romantic potential – and what’s the likelihood of that?