While Justin Theroux spent the week in super cool New York with his “arty” and “edgy” friends, walking around the city in his Eazy-E tee and showing off his NYC (spray) tan, Jennifer Aniston was at WE Day California yesterday, supporting youth activism. Selena Gomez has been a WE Day regular for years. Selena and Jen are friends. This is the likely connection. Which is why it was bullsh-t from Radar last week when they reported that Jen was pissed at Selena because Justin was moving in on her. Remember, Radar, the National Enquirer, Star Magazine, and US Weekly are now all under the same umbrella. 

Anyway, Jen shared the stage yesterday with Jaclyn Corin and Cameron Kasky, two of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas student leaders of March For Our Lives. So, basically, the real cool kids. But, you know, definitely not as cool as Justin in his New York cut off tank tops and designer backpacks. 

Abrupt segue here – I’ve been thinking about Jen since earlier this week, since Sarah filed her Beirut review, starring Jon Hamm, which was just posted. Because doesn’t that seem obvious? Jennifer Aniston and Jon Hamm? Why haven’t we talked about this before? Why hasn’t this been Gossip Genied before? There are celebrity couples that seem to come out of nowhere. If Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were a thing, wouldn’t your reaction be like… 



And if you’re about to say that he might not be good for her… EXACTLY. That’s her sh-t. She’s attracted to complicated and indecisive.