Usually when I hear that any social media stars are coming to a huge event, I revert to the thinking that they’re only there to pull in the young viewers for ratings. In my opinion, they don’t really do anything that adds to the conversation of the show overall. But Addison Rae’s appearance last night at the MTV Movie and TV Awards might’ve just raised the bar for influencers at A-list events. She started making headlines at the very beginning with her red-carpet outfit by Christopher Esber, styled by THE Law Roach: 


(Lainey: in support of Anastasia’s point here, by now we all know the talent that Law Roach works with…and since he’s become the top stylist in Hollywood, Addison being able to get on his list speaks to her influence, and also how much money she’s making!) 

The evolution of my thoughts on this outfit was all over the place. When I first saw it, besides the top, I wasn’t really digging it, and I think it’s because of how the material of the skirt sits. The chainmail belt also felt a little out of place. But what I do dig is her confidence. Do you see her face? Her eyes are telling me that I better think she looks amazing because she definitely knows she does. And as I saw more photos of her on the red carpet, I started to love it. At the end of the day, it’s all about selling the look, and after looking at the photos again today, I don’t know how I ever questioned it in the first place. Taking risks on the red carpet is always something to do when you’re wanting to make headlines – and Addison is just getting her career started. She kicked it off with a performance on The Tonight Show, and will be appearing in He’s All That (remake of She’s All That) as an actress for the first time. At an event where there was a limited amount of big names on the carpet, she knew she had an opportunity to make a big impact on that red carpet with her outfit. And then she followed up that big splash with another.  


Addison and her He’s All That co-star, Tanner Buchanan, got together to present the Best Kiss award. Before presenting the award to Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes from Outer Banks, they started making out. A lot. It was a long make out. 


Now, I know that makeout sessions on awards show stages have happened plenty of times before-- especially for this specific award. But this is a TikToker who is taking over the mainstream quite obviously taking full advantage of her moment to be become the talk of the town. I thought it was also pretty bold for them to kiss since….they didn’t even win the award?? It kind of felt awkward to then watch Madelyn and Chase kiss right after Addison and Tanner did (who were also still watching on the stage), but, alas, here we are talking about it. Addison and Tanner were there to promote their own movie, and I am sure it worked exactly as they wanted it to because Twitter blew up. Some were talking about the shock of seeing Addison take such a bold move, and others were wondering how her recent ex and TikToker, Bryce Hall, was taking the news. 


Addison Rae is ready to take on the celebrity lifestyle. Not only did she turn heads on the red carpet, but she also promoted her movie AND created a stir about her past relationship with Bryce in the same night. She was still trending on Twitter this morning when I woke up this morning. Addison isn’t here to play and or maybe she is and she’s trying to take over the game. Even Gwyneth Paltrow wants a piece.