Adele’s Las Vegas residency has still not been rescheduled and there have been no updates. You’ll recall, in January she called off her shows just one day before opening night. It’s now been six months …but maybe more information about her Vegas performances will come after this weekend. Because she’s performing on Friday and Saturday in Hyde Park and recently announced an all-female lineup. 


This will be Adele’s first live performance in years. There were those two television broadcasts (including an interview with Oprah) when she was promoting the album last fall but those were live-to-tape. This will be live-live, a proper concert, in London without the benefit of post-production. So she’s likely been in rehearsals for at least a few weeks. And, presumably, some of that work might be transferrable to her Vegas residency…when and if that actually happens. 


She did, however, take a break from prepping to be in New York this past weekend for Kevin Love and Kate Bock’s wedding at the New York Public Library. It was Great Gatsby inspired, a proper ball. And a VIP guest list that included many NBA players and executives and other celebrities, and Adele was there with Rich Paul. At one point they posed for a photo with LeBron and Savannah James – third photo in the carousel below. 


This, of course, is the money shot. Because Adele is not seen often and doesn’t post often on IG, of course. But also, with the four of them together, given both LeBron and Rich’s profile, and the double date situation, of course it’s the one making headlines. With permission, I would imagine. 

LeBron and Rich are close. They’ve been friends forever, they’re business partners, so it’s likely that Adele spends time with the Jameses and this is the first time we’re seeing it in a proper portrait. Will they fly to London to see her perform? Curious to know who Adele’s VIPs will be at Hyde Park this weekend.