Well that didn’t take long. Just two days ago it was announced that Alec Baldwin would play a Trumpy version of Bat-dad Thomas Wayne in the Joker-mark-Joaquin movie. Literally the next day, though, Baldwin said he was “no longer doing that movie”. He cited the ubiquitous “scheduling issues” and went on to say, “I’m sure there are twenty-five guys who can play that part.” For sure there are, I mean Jeffrey Dean Morgan literally just played that part. At this rate of DC Films development, every actor will get to play Hamlet, the Joker, and Batman’s dad. These roles are becoming ubiquitous. After all, I refer to this movie as “Joker-mark-Joaquin” because there is also “Joker-mark-Jared” to contend with, and “Joker-mark-bonus-Harley-Quinn”. At this rate everyone in Hollywood will be in an upcoming Joker movie.

Of course the question is whether or not Alec Baldwin actually has scheduling issues, or if he dropped out so fast because of the overwhelming negative reaction to his casting. Short of DC fanboy Twitter, I didn’t see anyone enthusiastic about this idea. We’ve seen in the past how casting announcements can be used to elicit a certain fan response which in turn pushes studios into finalizing their decisions, this time I wonder if it worked the other way and scared an actor off a project. It should probably be some kind of hint that every announcement relating to a DC movie is met with varying degrees of scorn and derision, but the infernal machine persists, so SOMEONE is going to end up playing Batman’s dad in this movie. I am dead serious about this: They should get Michael Keaton.