A couple of weeks ago I lost my mind over a cheesy ass workout video Alex Rodriguez posted on Instagram. Jennifer Lopez, of course, was in it. Because she’s the undisputed star of that relationship and right now he’s using it to his full advantage.

Yesterday there was another one. Another low budget fitness video starring JLO, with ARod in a supporting role, hitting up a gym in Vegas. Look at this sh-t.


Work hard, play hard. #HappyLaborDay @trufusion @vegas @arodcorp (🎥: @michaelspainsmith & @Emily_westberg)

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That was the weekend of the Mayweather/McGregor fight. And by the way? He’s an investor in that fitness centre. OF COURSE. So there she is again – f*cking AGAIN – showing up for his business interests… as IF she, Jennifer Lopez, JLO, would do an exercise class with what looks like a hundred or more other sweaty people.


But you know what? If we have to tolerate this insanity, why does it have to look so cheap? Are you telling me that no one on payroll at ARod Corp (UGH) has a higher quality camera phone?! I can buy a phone off a truck in Chinatown with a better camera than the weakness they’ve been using for these videos… how is this happening?!? And how is it happening in the presence of her manager Benny Medina? He’s there too! In the fitness class! Is Benny getting a cut now? If he is, isn’t that a conflict of interest?