Alex Rodriguez was in the booth last night for the Yankees game against the Royals. His job is to comment on the game. And he’s not bad at it. Many have noted that his insight and experience have added value to the broadcast. He added value when he was a player too. But, as a player, ARod was also often, too often, a distraction. And he was a distraction last night too, even though, as already noted, his job is to comment on the game, not become the main event. It wouldn’t be ARod however if, somehow, he didn’t become the story.

To promote his presence, MLB on Fox tweeted out a photo of ARod that was supposed to show him being all professional. Unfortunately he had his notepad on him. And on that notepad was a list. The photo was eventually deleted but you know how this sh-t works. The internet will never let anything die. So here it is with a zoom:

Birth control
Pull out stuff

I mean I don’t really have to explain how all those words relate to one another. The mystery here is why he had to write them down. And whether or not Jennifer Lopez is somehow involved.

As you can imagine, this ended up trending on Twitter for a while. Because it’s just so f-cking ARod to, inadvertently or not, bring the f-cking drama. Which is why, between him and JLO, eventually, there will be some drama. This guy isn’t just a drama magnet, he’s a drama creator.

Here's ARod out in New York the other day.