I am having a f-ck of a day – one dog is limping, both dogs are yelling at maintenance workers outside, tech issues messing up my shoots, stressing about some homework I have to get to later today, deadlines looming…


And then I saw Alex Rodriguez’s Instagram story. Instant mood changer. 

In case you missed it, ARod and JLo announced the end of their engagement today and while JLo is keeping up with this vibe…

… which has been the energy she’s been serving for weeks now, ARod is… well… he’s in his feelings. This is what he posted on stories after their joint statement this morning – you’ll need the sound up: 


It’s bad enough that the camera lingers at the heart at the end there, but then the song? Coldplay’s “Fix You”…

“Tears stream 

Down your face

When you lose something

You cannot replace

Tears stream down your face and I

Tears stream down your face

I promise you, I will learn from my mistakes”

Will you, though? Will you learn from your mistakes? 


A reader called Teresa just emailed me to say that she gets Offset vibes now from ARod which…

Dead, as the kids say. 

I’m dead again. 

But, yeah, many of us are probably feeling like there might be a grand gesture or two in the pipeline from ARod to JLo, like Offset and Cardi B. JLo doesn’t usually turn back though. As I wrote earlier, it may take her a while to get out the door, but when she’s out the door, she slams it shut. Which is why she and Ben Affleck will probably never get back together, no matter how much we Gossip Genie for it. Not that we should stop. That’s why we need the Genie, after all. 

As for ARod…

We know that JLo was the draw in that relationship and she just gave us permission to stop caring about him. Which is another reason why he’s showing us his JLo shrine. That’s the only JLo content he can provide now.