Dear Gossips,

If you haven’t already and you have time, definitely watch Ali Wong’s interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! from last night. It’s a perfect late night talk show appearance, a showcase of her talent and charisma and her work. She is super smart, and she is really, really funny, obviously (there are butthole and dick jokes), but she also uses her humour to weave in a message about representation and challenging stereotypes about Asian women – and somehow she finds a way to honour the immigrant parent experience AND tell a great Keanu Reeves story along with an impression. In just over 8 minutes!

Since the interview is so easily digestible, it’s easy to overlook the preparation that happens ahead of a successful appearance like this, but the work is there. Ali and her team would know that the success of Always Be My Maybe could be a major momentum builder. Everything that’s happening in support of that is a step to the next – so while she may not yet be a household name, her profile is only growing. It’s happening and it’s exciting to watch all the pieces fall into place. 

That said, household name or not, she’s going to be in the Smithsonian which… I mean… kinda makes me want to cry. As Ali tells Jimmy, they’ve asked her to donate the dress she wore in her Netflix standup, Baby Cobra. That dress and the image of her in it, performing standup while pregnant, an Asian American female comic highlighting the comedy in the woman’s experience, will soon be on display alongside other iconic American cultural artifacts, like Dorothy’s red slippers, at the f-cking Smithsonian! Come on! Are you crying too?!

Yours in gossip,