If you told me that among the women of Girls, ALLISON WILLIAMS would have the most interesting post-show career, I would not have believed you. Her? I would say. The basic preppy one? HER? Yet, this is what has happened. Post-Girls, Allison Williams has built an interesting, genre-strewn career. (Also, never forget the time she played Kate Middleton.) Of course there is Get Out, in which she played the perfect bait-and-switch villain, and also ate cereal in such a baffling, EVIL way I am still thinking about it. Good people do not eat cereal like that! Now, she has her first starring role in a movie since Girls, a horror movie premiering on Netflix called The Perfection. 


The trailer is solid but short of completely spoiling the movie, it can’t really touch on how DEMENTED this movie is, or how good Williams is. She’s great! The basic preppy one is GREAT at genre movies! The Perfection is not going to be for everyone, in the way that Japanese horror movies are not for everyone. The trailer hints at how far things can go in this movie, and that’s not even the weirdest part. The movie is set in the world of classical music and concert performance, and Williams plays a child prodigy who washed up as an adult. She’s trying to stage a comeback and must contend with the musician who replaced her in an elite training program (Logan Browning is also OUTSTANDING in this movie). Just that premise would be grounds for rich drama, but then The Perfection goes in a totally bonkers, completely f-cked up direction that is equal parts horrifying and delightful, if, you know, you like f-cked up horror movies. The Perfection is basically what Velvet Buzzsaw was trying to be, but without the snide, in-joke edge. You really just have to see this one for yourself, if for no other reason than witnessing the continued evolution of Allison Williams.