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Let’s get to that gossip – here are Amal and George Clooney at Buckingham Palace last night for a dinner hosted by Prince Charles’s The Prince’s Trust. Old Charles must have been feeling pretty puffy about having the Clooneys at his party. This, however, is a friendship that has been strengthened by Meghan Markle’s connection to the Clooneys, Amal in particular – something Charles’s viper courtiers, who’ve been taking advantage of the months of negative publicity about his sons, would never acknowledge. They’ve been quieter lately though, perhaps because they’ve done their jobs: Charles has been riding a pretty positive publicity wave the last few months. 

As for the Clooneys, two weeks ago, this was the cover of Life & Style:


Per Gossip Cop, the magazine said that George was sick of living in Europe and that they’ve been fighting because Amal wants him to be more political. It’s Life & Style so, obviously, there’s nothing to see here but if they weren’t so lazy about their story manufacturing, they would have come up with better drama than living arrangements because…do you know much money the Clooneys have invested in their English estate? Where they are pretty much left alone, as opposed to in LA when it’s so much easier to find them and their kids? Those babies have been kept pretty undercover and a lot of that has to do with where they spend their time. Speaking of babies though, because we’re all obsessed with the College Admissions Scandal, where do you think the Clooney twins will go to university? Duana’s post about the latest scam in the Year of the Scam is coming up soon. 

Yours in gossip,