I am obsessed with this woman. I sent this to Kathleen yesterday and she wrote back and said she’s obsessed with her too. I want to interview her, I want to know her, I want to you to know her, I want all of us to celebrate her. You know who’s celebrating her? Missy is 100% celebrating her. She is the antithesis of James Franco hosting the Oscars. She is not the one who will abandon a show because she gets it. She gets it that caring and trying will never not be cool. (Dlisted) 

Remember when Leonardo DiCaprio was dating Kelly Rohrbach? I can’t remember if that was two girlfriends ago or three. Kelly was before Nina Agdal who was before his current bona fide, Camila Morrone, right? Or was there someone else in between? Whatever, doesn’t matter. At this point, they’re interchangeable, because he’s made them interchangeable. Anyway, when Kelly was the one who was wearing the Leo sash, she was sold to us as a “girl who can hang with the guys”. Something something about her being super chill and eating burgers and low key and cool. Just like… Camila Morrone. And Nina Agdal. There’s a formula. It’s Leo’s “build-a-girl” formula. Because for some reason, someone wants us to think that Leo would never be with someone high maintenance. Like, you know, a girl’s ATTITUDE is why he’s there in the first place. (Cele|bitchy) 

It was Princess Beatrice’s birthday yesterday. She was born on the luckiest day of the year. She’s a princess. That seems right. Here’s a Princess Beatrice style retrospective. I know, I know. All you can remember is what she had on her head at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding. Probably nothing she’ll ever wear will ever make as much of an impact. Unless…you don’t think…like, what’s she going to wear to Princess Eugenie’s upcoming wedding? Why haven’t we spent more time discussing this?! (Go Fug Yourself) 
A couple of weeks ago, convicted felon Brock Turner’s lawyers tried to convince the appellate court that he isn’t a rapist by claiming that since he had all his clothes on, what he did to his victim, Emily Doe, should only be considered “outercourse”. My reaction and your reaction was to tell him to go f-ck himself. And the judges pretty much said the same thing, only without cussing and in a very long typed document. (Pajiba) 

I can’t believe I’m about to say this but… Justin Bieber’s reading a book about marriage. Which, I guess, means that he’s researching it and preparing for it? And what he says about marriage, about the fact that it can’t always be perfect – that’s not a lie, is it? Is it possible that JB is entering into marriage more realistically than we give him credit for? (TMZ) 

Something I’m processing to perhaps write about tomorrow: Casey Affleck’s first interview since Time’s Up was launched. And he’s addressing the allegations against him on the set of I’m Still Here. Casey claims to be less defensive about the situation and claims to want to be taking ownership of what happened. That sentence was a little word salady. But… is he taking ownership? Has there been accountability? This is what I’m trying to unpack. (THR)