This week started with the news that Amber Heard and Elon Musk have ended their relationship with reports varying from he was sick of her being a bitch to their schedules not working out. As I noted the other day though, Amber didn’t take out a restraining order on Elon and eventually the two posted nice comments about each other on Instagram so, no drama then?

Well. Apparently there’s no drama because there might not be a breakup? According to MTV Australia, they were together on the Gold Coast yesterday having each other for breakfast:

I care a lot about food. I care about the ordering of my food, I put a lot of thought into how I like my food placed, and I basically produce every bite I take. For example, if I’m having souvlaki? I cut the pieces of meat into thirds. I fork into a green pepper or a vegetable first, then the third of meat goes on, then tzatziki – but only on the meat. And I can’t have back to back bites of meat. Between bites, I’ll go over to the rice, have a mouthful of that, or some salad. My point is that I’m particular with my meals and totally focusing on the eating them. It would take a lot of horniness to distract me from this. Usually this level of horniness happens at the beginning of a relationship. I can assure you that, for me, it does not happen after almost 16 years of marriage, not even after a fight.

Conclusion: Amber and Elon are still super horny for each other. It’s hard for a decision – any decision – to stick when there’s all that horniness.