Netflix, who can’t stop-won’t stop making new things to put in our eyeballs, announced yet another new show yesterday. It has no title, as yet, but it is co-created and produced by Amy Poehler, Natasha Lyonne, and Leslye Headland. Lyonne will star, and the pilot episode is written by Headland, of Bachelorette and Sleeping With Other People fame. Lyonne will also contribute as a writer—in fact, it sounds like she and Headland are maybe the only writers—and as Headland is a director, too, I expect she’ll pull double duty behind the camera. These are three incredibly talented women coming together to work on a show that sounds very promising (which it should, given the talent involved).

Lyonne will star as Nadia, “the guest of honor at a seemingly inescapable party”. I have questions, starting with why Nadia is the guest of honor and continuing on to why is she apparently trying to leave her own party? And what makes it so “inescapable”? Is there like a crushing amount of people? Or is she lost in time and space? Also, the “inescapable party” premise sounds like the episodes are intended to play out in a single night, a narrative frame Poehler is familiar with thanks to Wet Hot American Summer. I like everything about this premise and the people involved, especially Lyonne. My inner teenager still loves Slums of Beverly Hills, and she was always the superior American Pie castmate. Hopefully this can do for Natasha Lyonne what Master of None did for Aziz Ansari, and turn her into an auteur who can make whatever the f*ck she wants.