First of all, did you see the movie Blockers? I saw it at the theatre, had the best time, laughed so much and so loud, and I still crack up thinking about certain scenes. Like the blindfold scene, with Kent from Veep. There, add that to your SD Recommendations list


Next, I was planning on writing this post about Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas yesterday but didn’t have new photos of them to use and thought, let’s wait a day and see what happens. What happened is that they came through – here they are yesterday out walking the dogs at sunset in Venice Beach. A slightly different location (not his neighbourhood) but with the same results. So now that we’ve seen them, let’s get to the story. Which is that she blocked one of her fan accounts. 

Ana de Armas Updates is a Twitter account that, well, lives up to its name, providing updates on Ana de Armas. They post about her past and upcoming projects, and generally exist to hype her and her work. Like this:

(By the way, Knives Out is SUUUUUUCH a great film, if you haven’t already, SD Recommendations, it’s On Demand now.)

Anyway, now that Ben-Ana is a thing, and it’s not like this is a secret, sometimes Ana de Armas Updates will make a light joke here and there whenever the two step out. Here is an example of a light joke:


I mean, as far as Twitter trolling goes, this is pretty gentle. Here’s one that’s maybe less gentle but much funnier:

Like I said, it’s cheeky, but it’s not full-blown offside. At least not to me, and I suspect you don’t think so either. But Ana de Armas Updates is not about us. And Ana, evidently, isn’t into it. Because this happened:  


See? They’ve funny and clever!

And that tweet is probably the most trafficked tweet in their history – look at those engagement numbers. By blocking Ana de Armas Updates, Ana de Armas has given Ana de Armas updates more attention than ever. And revealed that she knows about them. And is bothered by them?  


Does Ana de Armas not know how to mute on Twitter? And, and, and… don’t you WANT a smart and hilarious fan site? Doesn’t that reflect better on you? Like, not all fan sites are created equal, you know? Some are pretty… corny. And others are downright f-cked up. Ana de Armas Updates, at least from what I’ve seen, is rather innocuous. An occasional tongue-in-cheek comment here and there, alongside many other supportive and promotional posts, isn’t anywhere near the worst and, in some ways, could actually work out for the subject.  

Obviously you’d hope that she’d have more of a sense of humour about this. But, clearly, Ana doesn’t agree. Ana de Armas Updates has not updated since Tuesday. Not sure if they’ll update today with these new shots. I wonder what the caption will be if they do. Are you following them now?  

Conspiracy theory: Ana de Armas IS Ana de Armas Updates. Or no! Ben Affleck IS Ana de Armas Updates!