It’s been a month since Ana de Armas blocked Ana de Armas Updates on Twitter! AJ, the Ana de Armas fan who runs the Ana de Armas Updates Twitter account, was interviewed by Jezebel about what the last month has been like for them. Being blocked by Ana de Armas has made Ana de Armas Updates the definitive destination for Ana de Armas updates. This is a happy ending, even if Ana de Armas Updates is still blocked by Ana de Armas. Because Ana de Armas Updates is providing a valuable service. Like pointing out the following with the PERFECT caption!


So last week we were talking about Ben Affleck and Ana’s matching half-hearts necklaces. Now they’re sharing clothes. These two, they keep giving. And as I said last week, I’m not mad at it. Think of how dull the gossip would have been the last few months during the pandemic had they not fallen in love and decided to lock down together. 

Here they are, out for a dog walk this morning in masks. Have we talked about their dogs yet and what their dogs must think of the paparazzi? Dogs have routines. My dogs observe their routines with pathological consistency. They know down to the minute when it’s time for breakfast and dinner. They start stretching at the same time every day when it’s time for their afternoon walk. They know exactly what it means when the green bins come out on the sidewalk once a week. They know that if they see the school bus in the morning to pull one block over so that they can get a cookie from the school crossing guard who always keeps a pack in his pocket for the neighbourhood dogs. 

So for Ben and Ana’s dogs, at this point, do you think they think it’s weird for them when they DON’T see the paps because the paps are there every morning when they go out for a pee?