Ben Affleck was seen this weekend out for a walk with his children. I haven’t acquired those photos but I do have the ones of him and Ana de Armas when they stepped out to pick up some baked goods on Saturday. They waited outside with other patrons, maintaining physical distance, and at one point they were photographed checking her phone. 


Which is where Ana de Armas Updates comes in. Ana de Armas Updates is still updating us on Ana de Armas, even though Ana de Armas has blocked Ana de Armas Updates, my favourite story from last week. If you missed it, “AJ”, who runs Ana de Armas Updates, was interviewed by Paper Magazine the other day about their experience. “AJ” hasn’t changed the account’s approach to updating us on Ana de Armas. Here’s a good example:


Is Ana de Armas seriously mad at Ana de Armas Updates? Because I wouldn’t be. If anything, Ana de Armas Updates makes Ana de Armas look great – she’s the kind of celebrity who inspires this kind of fan cleverness! Not that I’m saying Ana should unblock Ana de Armas Updates now because then it’s a flipflop but, clearly, Ana de Armas Updates is trying to win back Ana de Armas with more of the same, not changing – by being themselves! Authenticity! It’s the magic word in show business.