This randomness was first reported at the end of November – that Andrew Garfield and Rita Ora were in the “early stages” of a relationship, conveniently reported by the UK Sun after Rita “let it slip” to her friends. Which is definitely a Rita Ora move but is not known to be an Andrew move.

No updates on their situation until a couple of days ago when the Daily Mail published photos of the two of them in Primrose Hill, the first shots of them since news broke that they’re a couple. If Andrew minded that somehow someone “let it slip” to the papers that they’re together, he certainly doesn’t mind anymore. Maybe he never minded in the first place. So what’s the next step? 

These days, it’s not official until it’s social media official. And Rita is quite active on social media. She made it Instagram official with her last boyfriend, also called Andrew, Andrew Watt, just about a year ago, a few months after they started dating. She and Andrew Watt were seen together just recently, after it had come out that she and Garfield were a thing, during a trip to LA at the beginning of December. Still on good terms? Or… romantic leverage? It’s an old but reliable play. And if that was the play it totally worked. Andrew Garfield and Rita Ora presumably spent Christmas together, or were still together for Christmas and, unless something changes this week, could very well be together for New Year’s. The most random couple to make it to 2019.