Last time we checked in on Angelina Jolie she was in DC with Zahara for the reauthorisation of the Violence Against Women Act after lobbying for years alongside lawmakers and advocates pushing for better protections for victims of domestic abuse. 


She’s now back in LA and yesterday was photographed at The Grove with Vivienne, arm in arm, just another mom at the mall. Obviously one of the most famous moms on the planet, but a mom all the same to several teenagers and, as we all know, Teens Need Things. They constantly need things. They may not really need them, but as far as teens are concerned, from their perspective, it’s always a need. 

This is why it’s good that I’m not a parent. Because I get the teen need, in many ways I don’t think I’ve outgrown it, LOL, so I wouldn’t be the one with a rational point of view. I would be the other teen. 

These photos are adorable though. It’s not a secret how close Angelina is with her kids and in particular, as we’ve seen over the years in pictures, she and Vivienne have been especially affectionate. Love languages just aren’t for romance – they exist in all other relationships too, including parent-child relationships. I interact differently with my ma than I do with my dad, love is expressed differently depending on which parent I’m dealing with. Angelina and Vivienne seem to be often holding hands or with their arms wrapped around each other. Vivienne is now 13, probably about to become more independent, like her older siblings but, as the baby of the family, the youngest of six, it would seem that her tactile attachment to her mother remains. It’s sweet. 

As for Angelina’s outfit, as British Vogue pointed out, it’s pure French energy