Angelina Jolie was in New York last week to celebrate her birthday. All six of her children were there with her. They’ve now all returned to Los Angeles. But before that, she went to visit an old friend/ex-husband. Angelina was papped heading into Jonny’s building with a bottle of wine – you can see those shots here. According to Page Six she left after about three hours, 1030pm or so, not super gossipy in that she obviously didn’t spend the night, although of course just the fact that they’re now both single and spending time together is leading to speculation. 


That said, important to note that it’s not like this was a romantic candlelit dinner for two. According to PEOPLE, their sons were there with them – Angelina had Knox with her and Jonny’s son Buster, both kids are 12, was also part of the hang. So this was a family-friendly situation. 

And yet… well… recoupling, is it a trend? If Bennifer can reunite, could it be possible for Angelina and Jonny? They were babies when they got married. She wasn’t yet a big name star, Gia hadn’t happened yet, Girl Interrupted hadn’t happened yet, and definitely not Tomb Raider. In the years since their divorce, they’ve always spoken fondly of each other and it’s well-known they remained friendly. Here they are in 2005 at a premiere, which is the same year that she and Brad Pitt started their relationship. So these two have a long history. 

 Angelina Jolie and her ex-husband Jonny Lee Miller attend a special screening of the film "Peace One Day" at the Ziegfeld Theater September 20, 2005 in New York City.

And, sure, perhaps like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, they may be gravitating to each other once again now that situations have changed, they’re older and wiser. 

Jonny and his ex divorced in 2018. He stays off the gossip pages so it’s not really clear if he’s been dating since. Right now, I’m thinking this is a case of catching up with a friend after a year of not being able to travel and… maybe leaving the door open?