Angelina Jolie was in London this past weekend at the Fighting Stigma Through Film festival in support of the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative. As we have seen, Angelina has been raising awareness for victims of sexual violence over the years, working closely with governments to end sexual violence in conflict. 

On Friday she met with Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, who also attended the event. You can see photos of them greeting each warmly here. As you know, Angelina is familiar with the royals. She was made an honourary dame in 2014 and met the Queen. She appeared in the documentary The Queen’s Green Planet earlier this year, about the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy, promoting the Queen’s global forest conservation project – in other words, the Queen approved Angelina’s participation. 

So… what royals will Angelina meet next? 

You know where I’m going with this. I mean, the natural fit, given their backgrounds, etc, would be Meghan Markle. That’s the million dollar picture. Can’t see Angelina having any issues with it. And can’t see Royal Meghan having any issues either. At least not personally. But all decisions have to be cleared through committee now for Meghan. And given that the UK tabloids are constantly focusing on her celebrity background and it’s often used against her, especially recently – a diva with allegedly a diva’s temperament, a woman with star tastes and preferences – would they be hesitant to have her hanging out with one of the most famous movie stars in the world? 

Even though it’s not my call, OBVIOUSLY, I can make ten arguments in favour of BFFing Angelina and Meghan. Their causes are pretty closely aligned. They both know what it feels like to be known as the evil bad bitch against America’s or Britain’s sweetheart. Also….they kinda dress the same, non? Check out Angelina’s outfit here. It’s boring but all the elements – long jacket, shape of the dress, shoes – are seen in Royal Meghan’s closet too. 

Oh and ha… 

You know what the next make-a-story here will be for the tabloids? Kate and Meghan fight over who gets to meet Angelina Jolie first!