Angelina Jolie covers the 150th anniversary issue of Harper’s Bazaar. The shoot happened in Namibia, where Shiloh was born, and where Angelina has been working on raising awareness for wildlife conservation efforts. She’s also promoting an animated film that she produced called The Breadwinner about an Afghan girl who dresses as a boy to help her family. The Breadwinner was one of two projects Angelina was supporting at TIFF last month. During the festival, Joanna and I met a couple of the cast members of the film, Saara Chaudry and Kane Mahon, at the etalk Canadian celebration party before opening night. They were pretty excited about The Breadwinner’s profile and being involved with the story and the fact that some people were saying that it could have a chance as a Best Animated Feature nomination for Oscar. Which makes two films that Angelina could be repping at the Oscars. Could be. It, of course, depends on how the season unfolds. And as we approach November, when some of the high profile award season events start showing up on the schedule, we’ll have a better idea of what her real chances are.

Angelina was not interviewed for Harper’s – and this is to her advantage. Instead she wrote a letter to you, me, us from Namibia, imagining 150 years back and what women then would have thought of the status of women now. She also writes about the N/a’an ku se Foundation, a nature reserve where the photo shoot took place and run by her friends Marlice and Rudie van Vuuren. Unlike what happened with Vanity Fair, and how she was criticised for how she and her team may have treated child actors during the audition process for FTKMF, Angelina can control how the piece is presented through her own essay. I wonder, going forward, given that this may be her preferred method of print communication (see also The New York Times op-eds), if this is how she’ll try to handle most of her magazine appearances so as to avoid the misstep that she made with VF. It’s a much more effective way for her to show her work. 

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