Angelina Jolie was joined by two of her six children, Zahara and Shiloh, in Rome for the European premiere of Maleficent: Mistress of Evil last night. Earlier in the day she wore the Outfit of the Week and for the red carpet she went back to bombshell black, Versace, not a new silhouette for her, sure, but it’s worn with her renewed attitude, with the energy we’ve been getting from her the last few months. Like I said yesterday, Angie is feeling herself

And she’s engaging on a level we’ve not seen before. Angelina, as we know, is not on Twitter or Instagram but the projects she’s been taking on require social media presence. Did you see the video that Disney posted of her getting ready, with her family, ahead of the Hollywood premiere of Maleficent: Mistress of Evil last week? 

It was shot at her house. With the kids and the pets around. She allowed a camera crew to come over, with Disney, and yes, the final product is heavily edited but still…this is the kind of access she’s granting in order to promote her projects and create momentum on social media. 


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Did it make you sad a little bit, seeing that shot of her walking into the kitchen in her robe? Did it remind of anything? That scene in Mr & Mrs Smith, early in the film, when she pads into the kitchen to pick up her guns and knives out of the stove? 

Enough nostalgia, everyone’s moved on, right?

Angelina is definitely moving on, past all the stages of grief and, clearly, ready for what’s next, as a team, with her children. They’re all part of this – limited, of course, with a few select shots here and there of Zahara and Shiloh, but as we’ve seen, the kids are with her, totally and happily with her, beside her, cheering her. Which… when they’re so present in one way, does it make it extra obvious when they’re NOT present somewhere else?