Just days after the first official photos of Angelina Jolie as legendary opera singer Maria Callas were released, here is Angelina on the set Maria, filming in Paris. I am IN LOVE with her oversized glasses and scarf combo. Also, the fur coat is either vintage itself, or made from vintage items, as the film’s costumes will not utilize any new fur. We love a legend committed to animal rights! 


Angelina was joined on set by her oldest sons, Maddox and Pax. They both have some gear that looks like they’re working on the film in some capacity. They both have interests in photography and filmmaking, especially Pax, so that wouldn’t be surprising, though neither is listed among the film’s credits on IMDb (which is often not updated until after production, so that’s not shocking). Literally nothing makes me feel older than Angelina Jolie’s kids growing up. I have actual young people I know in my actual life that I knew as babies who are now beginning their independent adult lives and they do not make me feel as old as even the concept of Angelina Jolie’s kids beginning their careers. 

Finally, do we think La Jolie has to contend with the bedbug outbreak in Paris? It’s still happening, and now everyone’s anxious about travel spreading it around Europe and beyond. Maria is set to film in several countries, including Greece, Hungary, and Italy. I’m not saying to keep an eye on the infestation map as the production moves around Europe for the next eight weeks…but I’m not NOT saying it, either.