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We namechecked Angelina Jolie once in our Oscar coverage yesterday in the Sydney Sweeney post about how Sydney wore Angelina’s Oscar dress from 2004 to this year’s Vanity Fair party. 


But that wasn’t the only Angelina appearance on Oscar weekend. Jon Batiste’s “It Never Went Away” was nominated for Best Original Song for the documentary American Symphony, starring his wife Suleika Jaouad, which follows the musician and his artist wife as he composes a symphony while at the same time she’s going through cancer treatment. 


Suleika revealed on the red carpet that her dress is an Atelier Jolie design: 


Vogue published a piece yesterday about how the dress came together.

And it wasn’t just the dress, it was also the accessories.

“Even her accessories for the night—vintage Neil Lane jewelry pieces, from the 1870s to the 1970s—were intentional and sourced by Jolie herself. “Everything down to the jewelry was an in-the-moment collaborative creative decision,” Jaouad says.”


So basically Angelina Jolie is a stylist now. Flip to the fourth slide for a shot of Angelina, Oscar winner, in her new role: 

It’s now been a whole decade since Angelina was at the Oscars – fascinating that she made her “return” this year not as an actor but as a designer. And now I wonder if we’ll start seeing more of her work on future red carpets. 

Here's Angelina leaving Atelier Jolie last month in New York. 

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