Angelina has been directing Salma Hayek the last few weeks in Rome which is where they spent the Fourth of July long weekend, and part of it together. On Saturday Angelina, along with daughters Zahara and Vivienne, were seen at a cooking school with Salma and her daughter Valentina. Afterwards Angelina went shopping with her kids and was seen talking to local vendors. Another reminder that Angelina and Salma are close, professionally and personally. I mean, if they’re spending all kinds of time together on set and then spending even more time together off set, it suggests a pretty strong friendship. 


Salma is more active on Instagram than Angelina. Angelina’s IG is mostly focused on her philanthropic work whereas Salma often shares photos of family and friends. She’s yet to post a shot of her working on Without Blood…but maybe when they wrap? A shot of her and Angelina to celebrate finishing the film? That would be my prediction. They all got to spend the summer together in Italy, definitely a talking point on the junket when the movie comes out.