Angelina Jolie has been in Rome the last few weeks directing her next feature, Without Blood, starring Salma Hayek. Looks like at least a couple of her kids are with her as she was seen on Sunday out with daughter Zahara. It was a mix of high and low fashion. They went to Valentino but they also went to Zara. 


While Shiloh wasn’t with Angelina and Zahara on Sunday, she’s now old enough to go out on her own and was hanging out with a friend in Rome on Saturday so both of them have joined their mother on this work trip in addition to their brother Pax, who was photographed last week assisting Angelina on set. This is not unusual, obviously. Where Angelina is, her children are always close by. And anybody who has ever met a teenager will tell you that even celebrities can’t make teens do what they don’t want to do. 

In other Angelina news, she’s on the cover of the current issue of Madame Figaro. The pictures are stunning…because that face is, well, it’s as stunning as ever. 


The interview focuses on her relationship with the environment, her work with UNESCO and the Women for Bees program, her commitment to social justice, her approach to parenthood and all of these efforts are connected. You can read a translation of the interview here