Angelina Jolie was seen at Target with three of her daughters this past weekend. Here she is in a black tee and black jeans over Valentino slides. For some reason I always enjoy it when she’s in jeans. Come to think of it though … it’s almost always black jeans, right? When’s the last time we saw Angelina in blue jeans? Years? When’s the last time you’ve been in a pair of jeans? Like full-length, not shorts. 


I don’t think I’ve put on jeans once since lockdown started in my area back in mid-March. There is no point wearing anything without an elastic waistband right now. That said, when jeans were an option, for me I prefer blue. Blue denim relaxes better than black denim, is it just me? 

Back to Angelina – Shiloh, who is now 14, looks to be almost as tall as her mother. Definitely taller than her older sister Zahara. Angelina is currently raising FOUR teenagers, soon to be five when Vivienne and Knox are 13 next summer while Maddox turns 20. That’s a lot of… adolescence in one house. And while I’m sure the Jolie-Pitt kids are sweet and kind and loving, it’s still… a lot of adolescence in one house. Can you imagine the moods?!

Anyway, this was Saturday, same day of the creative arts Emmys when Eddie Murphy won for Guest Actor in a Comedy for his return to Saturday Night Live. Brad Pitt was also nominated in the category for playing Dr Fauci. No Emmy for Brad but his win last week was the Fast Times at Ridgemont High virtual live-read, during which he acted out a sexually-charged scene opposite Jennifer Aniston and the two exchanged a flirty/friendly greeting. 


Brad was trending all day last Friday as Twitter weighed in on whether or not he and Jen should get back together. Even Lili Reinhart had something to say about it: 

I mean, I appreciate Lili’s concern but… it’s not like Brad, in particular, doesn’t know. In a recent piece for Vulture the always brilliant Angelica Jade Bastién writes that “one of the most cunning turns in Pitt’s recent approach to his own image is to once again position himself in solidarity with his ex-wife”. Cunning is an excellent word choice here. Because we’re talking about one of the most famous movie stars of the last three decades. So to pretend as though Brad Pitt is some kind of guileless amateur who doesn’t work the media, who isn’t conscious of his brand and reputation, is a joke. As Bastién notes, “Pitt has played the celebrity game with slippery splendor” – which goes back to her thesis: that he’s SO GOOD at this. One of the best, in fact. And I love that for him. Being good at things can be a good thing. It’s the denial of not just being good at the thing but even doing the thing that’s the eyeroll. That’s the pass he gets over and over again, at the expense of his ex-wife, who is also good at it, and punished for being good at it. While he innocently rides away on his motorcycle, like… who me, what? I was just over here looking stupidly attractive doing my art.