As Kathleen wrote earlier, the VMAs were a mess last night, and that’s before Madonna paid tribute to herself. The production was sloppy. The shot selection was terrible. I don’t understand this, because MTV isn’t some amateur media outlet. They have the experience…and the budget. Whatever that budget was, though, it’s not like you could see it. 

Here’s another thing I didn’t understand – that presenting bit with Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively. The event was at Radio City Music Hall. Is there some contractual obligation for the Rockettes to show up? How does this add to the show? It was a cheesy, not-funny, super off-brand moment. And that’s when I would have, if I were managing Anna and Blake, pushed back on behalf of my talent, like, ummmm…no, we don’t want to do that, we don’t see the value. There is no value here for the reason why they went in the first place: to promote A Simple Favour. Also, Anna’s dress ended up kinda looking like what the Rockettes were wearing, non? Seriously, none of this is working – including Blake’s outfit. 

It’s fine. The pants flare in a way that makes it look like they’re pleated, which is kind of a cool effect. I’m never opposed to a good suit. But I wish I was seeing this suit on, say, Tracee Ellis Ross. Or Gemma Chan. Or Tilda Swinton. Because on them it would be an outfit. It would be an extension of themselves. On Blake, clothes often look like costumes. And they are, sometimes. Obviously in character, clothes are costumes. Is she a character here or is she herself?