The Met Gala is just six weeks away. And, by the way, Law Roach will not be involved. Anna Wintour will be, though. Obviously. Anna is a control freak about most things, but especially the Met Gala. Only now she’s recalling the times she couldn’t afford to attend the event in full – is she trying to be relatable? Or is she trying to, um, motivational, in her f-cked up way. Like it’s something to aspire to, to work towards. Do better to seek her approval and maybe, just maybe, one day she’ll let you come. I wonder if at some point she said this to Kim Kardashian. (Dlisted) 


It’s true that we haven’t seen Sarah Snook wearing bright colours very often which is why it’s so great to see her in orange, it looks great on her. Also this is, without even considering that it’s orange, just a great outfit. The pleated high waist dress is very pretty, and a classic at this point. As is wearing it under a blazer. Both pieces in this fit also can go so many different ways. The blazer works over jeans or shorts or a different dress. The dress works with a moto jacket or a denim jacket or on its own or even over a turtleneck. Wardrobe staples! (Go Fug Yourself) 

Gwyneth Paltrow is in court in Utah over a ski crash and they are livestreaming the proceedings so it’s the most camera time she’s had in a while. I’m curious to see if somehow she’s going to end up monetising – whether it’s the glasses she’s wearing or an outfit. Or some secret essence she wears every day to court that helps with maintaining wellness and focus. (Cele|bitchy) 

This Cher throwback interview is giving me life today. I want to try wearing my hair like this. And I think what she says about politics is even more applicable today. (OMG Blog) 

The five questions to ask at a restaurant to get a better meal. (Eater)