Versace just dropped its new Icons campaign assets today and for Cillian Murphy, fresh off his first Oscar win for Best Actor, it’s also his first appearance as ambassador for the house. 


He was wearing Versace on Oscar night which was the start of the partnership, although if you had asked me before whether or not Cillian + Versace was a good fit, I don’t know that I would have been a believer. Now that I’ve seen the images though, Donatella is not to be doubted. Because she tapped into Cillian’s sexy weirdo energy, brought it back from the squareness of the Oppenheimer award season campaign, and put him in a tank top:


I love the tank under a blazer look, by the way. In the 80s it was cheesy because only cheesy people did it. In 2024 the cheesy dudes are wearing cargo shorts and the cool cats are in tanks and jackets and calling it “clean and classic”. 


Clean and classic? I don’t know that it’s necessarily clean and classic, this particular look. There’s still a simmering attitude there – and Cillian pulls it off well.


But now can we talk about our girl crush, Anne Hathaway? Because LOOK AT HER. 


It’s giving vintage Gianni in the 90s, it’s giving sex and swagger, and it’s giving… COWBOY CARTER? The Queen is always on the brain, sorry. But, also, the collection is coming out in timely fashion, no pun intended. Country western is the fashion trend right now because of Beyoncé, and she just wore vintage Versace to the iHeartRadio Music Awards earlier this week. So there is a connection here. 

Back to Annie though and her ongoing Anniessance, I don’t know if it’s more enjoyable for her or for us. We are thirsting hard for Anne Hathaway right now. And just in time for her movie The Idea of You, coming out in a month! I can’t wait!