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I squealed this morning when I checked The Hollywood Reporter and saw that their top story, and their new cover story, is a feature on Anthony Ramos. Who, of course, I love because of Hamilton but who I now am OBSESSED with because of In The Heights. I covered the junket recently for etalk and The Social (the interviews are beginning to air on the shows in the coming days) so I saw the film a few weeks ago and, unlike Duana, having had no experience with the Broadway production, I went into that (virtual) screening cold and came out hot and high and vibrating in colour – it’s a stunning movie, bursting with energy and compassion, it is specific but it is for everyone, and my only complaint is that I watched from home and not in a theatre, with people, with vibes, so as to properly appreciate the spirit and the scale of this exuberant story. 


And at the core of it…Anthony Ramos, a Movie Star. This is what Lin-Manuel Miranda called him in one of our interviews: Anthony Ramos has IT. He carries this film. He is the heart and soul and the generator of every moment, even in scenes he’s not in. Also, yes, he’s gorgeous and sexy as f-ck, like be ready for the thirst as soon as In The Heights opens on June 11. 

So this is The Hollywood Reporter giving Anthony Ramos the new movie star treatment, his first major magazine profile (written by Rebecca Sun) ahead of his first major starring role in a summer blockbuster. And while every movie star origin story has familiar beats – the hustle, the dream, the failures, the big breaks – nothing about this piece is ordinary because, well, Latinx movie stars are not ordinary in Hollywood. There is so much here in Anthony’s profile that connects so many of the pop culture conversations we’ve been having about representation and being seen and opportunity and even the college admissions scandal. 


That’s one of the things that came to mind for me while reading about Anthony’s entrance into the entertainment industry. Many of his experiences are what Violeta has written about in her posts about access to education and training in the United States, about side doors and back doors. About how, for those who don’t come from privileged backgrounds, even when you do get into a program of your choice, it’s still never “equal” because you’re way behind on a lot of the intangibles. All of that is highlighted in Anthony’s path to movie stardom. 

More on Anthony and In The Heights as we get closer to the release of the movie. Read the full article on Anthony at THR

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