Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga was the other big title that was presented yesterday at CinemaCon. This is the spinoff about the character originated by Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury Road and, as Sarah has noted in her posts about the trailers that have been released, the movie looks really, really promising. 


More footage was shown in Vegas yesterday and here’s how Variety described the presentation:

“…a sonic and visual onslaught of fire, metal, chainmail, war paint, crushed bones and bloodsoaked revenge. In other words, it played f-cking awesome in the room. The overwhelming footage will likely be a sensation in the IMAX format, given the audience response.”


Furiosa will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival before opening in theatres a week later and, yes, it is expected to be an early summer blockbuster. 

In Vegas yesterday George Miller was joined by his two cast members, Anya Taylor-Joy, Furiosa herself, and Chris Hemsworth. As you can see, Anya is dressing on theme. There’s a lot of Mad Max Universe energy in her Furiosa fit – metal, chain, leather… 


…and definitely not Dior. This is Ludovic de Saint Sernin, a dress that looks like it’s just a long belt that’s been wrapped around her body with one layer that’s come loose, I love it on her and I love it for its purpose. Because from now and for the next few months, she is selling Furiosa, and to be honest, I’m kinda tired of seeing her in princess ethereal gowns and royal headpieces. 

Give us some edge, some snarl, some more attitude in the looks. This is a good start and, hopefully, an indication of what Furiosa’s press tour fashion will be to come. Like, please, I know Cannes is Cannes and the red steps at the Palais and all that, and the impulse is to go with the pretty and glittery but Furiosa at Cannes is none of those things. Furiosa at Cannes should be full c-nt, full stop. 

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