The Queen’s Gambit premiered on Netflix pretty much exactly a year ago and while Anya Taylor-Joy was already known in the industry as the “It Girl” of the moment before everyone started watching, it was undeniably her performance as Beth Harmon that really took her career to the next level. 


Over the last year, Anya’s given us some really memorable fashion moments, the most memorable being this one from the Golden Globes – in Dior: 


You’ll note that that’s an Instagram post by Law Roach who has been credited as Anya’s stylist for all these looks that she’s been serving. Most recently she made a splash at the Venice Film Festival in late August/early September: 


Anya and Zendaya appeared on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter with Law when he was named Stylist of the Year: 

I’m talking about this because Anya was at the LA premiere of Last Night in Soho last night and I checked Law’s IG first to see what he would say about her look…and there was no mention. Instead there’s this: 


It would seem that Anya is styling herself now with Paul Burgo, who posted some of her other promotional looks for the movie this week: 

And Paul apparently also styled her for the Emmys. She wore Dior there and the gold Dior she wore last night was also Dior. Back in June, when I posted about Anya at the Dior show in Greece, I wrote thatI don’t think that Anya has officially been named a Dior ambassador but clearly she and the label are developing a solid relationship” and I was right, because yesterday Dior named Anya their new global ambassador- not a surprise. 


So is Law not her stylist anymore? Because of this partnership with Dior, she’ll require less of his involvement since she’ll have to wear so much Dior? Whatever the reason, I’m not sure you can separate Law from this deal. He calls himself an “image architect” – and you can draw a straight line between his work with Anya to this probably lucrative relationship she’s now building with the House of Dior. That is his value. 

As for Paul Burgo, he and Anya seem to have been friends for a while, pre-dating The Queen’s Gambit. So it would seem as though he and Anya will be collaborating going forward, and if she’s being credited for her own looks, she’s clearly taking a lead role in her styling. Last night was a good start.