The people of Mozambique need our support. You’ll recall Cyclone Idai ripped through a couple of weeks ago and the devastation was severe, with homes and buildings torn apart, mass flooding, and access roads being washed out. Now water-borne disease has become a huge issue. There have been 1500 cases of cholera reported and the conditions are in place for that number to skyrocket. The region is swamped with contaminated water. This is also a breeding ground for mosquitoes that carry malaria. Children can die from severe diarrhea within hours if not treated. Save the Children says that 194 babies are being born every day in Mozambique in these risky conditions. I know we asked you to support the Humanitarian Coalition after the cyclone hit, but the urgency to deliver shelter, food and water is greater than ever. The Canadian Government is matching all donations made until April 14th, so please click here if you can donate again. Thank you!