A new trailer is here for Under the Bridge, the limited series starring Lily Gladstone and Riley Keough, based on Rebecca Godfrey’s book about the murder of Reena Virk. This trailer sets up a little more of the events, the disappearance of teenager Reena Virk, the girls she hung out with,  Lily Gladstone starring as the cop looking for her, and Riley Keough as the journalist also searching for the heart of Reena’s story. 


Just like in the teaser, Under the Bridge looks tense, but the full trailer is giving off True Detective vibes. Maybe it’s just because the latest season of True Detective centered on two women investigating a crime, or maybe it’s the general moodiness and multi-layered outerwear, though I doubt there will be any kind of Yellow Kings and whatnot in Under the Bridge. Just Mean Teens and a depressing amount of xenophobia and racism. 


Also! This series stars Archie Panjabi! She plays Suman Virk, Reena’s mother (who passed away in 2018). Always good to see Archie, I STILL wonder what happened on The Good Wife. Will we someday get a prestige drama about the behind-the-scenes of The Good Wife? Dreams never die! I wish we were seeing her in something less depressing, though, since Bridge is giving off big time bummer vibes, but still. This is a great cast, and I love that everyone is rooting for Lily to come and get her Emmy. The Emmys have a chance to do the funniest thing this year, but will they?