I just posted about Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday party and how to me he’s like Mariah Carey, as in “eternally 12”. And speaking of those who don’t want to acknowledge their age, we’re getting another eyeroll of a story about Brad Pitt courtesy PEOPLE. 


Last week I wrote about how PEOPLE had to tell us all about Brad’s appearance at the LACMA gala – that Ines de Ramon was with him at the event and how a source described them as a “super loving” couple. We needed that told to us because Brad did not allow any photos of him and Ines …he’s TOO PRIVATE for that, OK? Sure, sure, private, but then tell on yourself with “sources” running to PEOPLE to talk about how “super loving” you all are. 

And now the latest – according to PEOPLE citing an “exclusive source”, which is the magazine basically saying they have a very, very trusted insider feeding them this sh-t:

“This is Brad’s first proper relationship since the divorce,” the insider says, referring to the actor's split from ex-wife Angelina Jolie. "He introduces [Ramon] as his girlfriend," adds the source, who says Pitt "is doing great with Ines."

“It’s great to see him in a good place. Ines makes him very happy," says the source.


Brad Pitt has been in the acting business for a very, very long time. And you know what they say in the business? Show, don’t tell. 

What are we doing here? A source announcement to say that Ines is Brad’s “girlfriend” – is this like going Instagram official but since he doesn’t have Instagram it’s the next best thing? 
Or is the whole point of this that the telling is coming before the showing? Is this part of some kind of loooong rollout? Is there a plan in place for them to eventually step out together, especially as we get deeper into award season, and he’s testing the waters? 

Why do the waters need testing? 


Well, for this we go back to the age thing. Because Brad turns 60 in a month. Ines is 33 years old. The MiniVan Majority has been very, very, VERY forgiving of him for a long, long time. But even they might not be able to get over the age gap. So, perhaps, in order to mitigate that potential issue, the strategy could be that Brad and his team are trying to acclimate the public to his relationship with a much younger woman by assuring people that he’s in love, that this is serious, that he’s not the stereotypical aging man who needs a much younger woman to cling to his youth. And if that’s the case we’re going to get more stories like the ones we’ve been getting from PEOPLE, all about how real these feelings are between them, how happy Brad it, how Ines is good for him. And that way the MiniVan Majority will be happy and want what’s good for him too: a woman half his age.