As Sarah just posted, almost everyone in Hollywood seemed to be at the LACMA gala on Saturday. One of the honorees of the night was David Fincher so it makes sense that Brad Pitt was there to present to him – for a couple of reasons. David and Brad have worked together on several notable films (Fight Club, Se7en, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) so they have a professional history. Also the gala supports LACMA, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and as we all know, Brad Pitt considers himself some kind of art connoisseur so he’s making his appearance not just as an actor but, I dunno, a patron of the arts. 


The gossip headline coming out of Brad’s attendance at LACMA however has to do with his relationship with Ines de Ramon, because she accompanied him to the event and now PEOPLE reports exclusively – and nauseatingly – that they were there as a “super loving couple”. 

“They were super loving. Laughing and joking with everyone around them,” a source told PEOPLE of the pair’s outing. “They seemed to be having a good time.” 

It’s one quote from one source, and since this is Brad Pitt and since this is PEOPLE, it’s very likely that this quote was co-signed. 


Brad and Ines did not walk the carpet. They weren’t even officially photographed at the gala. There was however video posted on social media of Brad’s remarks when he was introducing David Fincher, establishing his presence. Someone had to take it further though and make sure we all know that he wasn’t alone. That he is not single. That his relationship with Ines de Ramon is not only still a thing but that they are “super loving”. Thanks for the update, not-Brad.

It's now been exactly a year since Brad and Ines were seen together for the first time so we’re probably looking at around 18 months-ish total for their relationship. Since then she’s been his plus one at several industry events, including the Babylon premiere, and every time, while they don’t pose together for photos, somehow we always find out that she’s with him. We often found out that she was with him when there were questions about whether or not he was scabbing


Production on Apex formally shut down at the end of July, at least a couple of weeks after SAG-AFTRA called the strike so he’s definitely not scabbing now. But when Sarah talks about the A list stars who claim to give a sh-t about their less fortunate peers in the industry but have been prioritising their personal interests because they obviously aren’t hurting… well… I mean, I would include Brad on there, but that’s just my opinion. Others might find that he’s just too handsome and “super loving”, you know?