Page Six reported yesterday that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield had dinner together in New York on Tuesday night “looking very much like a couple”.  
“They were talking and sitting very close,” a spy told Page Six. “They were laughing and smiling. They both seemed happy.” 

So…are they back together? 

PEOPLE is hedging on the story, with one source saying that “the feeling between them is still romantic” and another source saying it would only happen “if the timing is right”. 

The timing, right now, is that Emma has been in New York working on Maniac and Andrew is performing on Broadway in Angels in America. But what about the timing of Emma’s last relationship, with Saturday Night Live director Dave McCary? They were last photographed together in February and since then it’s been pretty quiet. So quiet that there were rumours that she may have hooked up with Justin Theroux after the Met Gala. But Andrew was at the Met Gala too, seen heading into a party with Nathan Stewart Jarrett and Emilia Clarke. That would be an interesting impetus for a reconciliation. 

When they broke up a couple of years ago, there didn’t seem to be any drama and it was clear that they were both still fond of each other. Andrew leapt onto his feet during Emma’s La La Land award season run, her biggest fan each and every time she won. They were seen greeting each other warmly at every show. Obviously then, whatever the reason for their breakup, it was amicable, which is why so many people thought it was possible for them to get back together. Amicable, however, can also mean that when they get together, it’s never awkward but that doesn’t mean it’s much more than friendship. For what it’s worth though, on Tuesday night, I got an email from “A” who shared this: 


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Here’s Andrew yesterday accepting the Outer Critics Circle Award for Outstanding Actor in a Play.