Tiffany Haddish and Common have been in New York the last few weeks working on a new movie called The Kitchen also starring Melissa McCarthy. Last week, The Blast reported that they were both at the Uncle Drew premiere after-party, posting a video of the two of them leaving in the same car at the end of the night. At one point he held on to her wrist to guide her past the paparazzi. Here’s a shot of them from inside the event:


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So that was Tuesday night. Now a reader called Al tweeted me today that Tiffany and Common were seen hanging out on Sunday, for brunch: 

And then yesterday they showed up on social media again, this time with Derek DelGaudio, a magician who’s performing in a show called In & Of Itself. 


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Let’s add all this up: 

Shooting a movie, spending time with each other on set AND off set
Leaving a party together, in the same ride
Weekend brunch
Seeing a show, wearing sweatpants, no makeup
At least three confirmed outings in seven days outside of work



Something? Something not yet definable but something? 

We like this, right? We really, really, REALLY like it, right?