Today is Brad Pitt’s birthday. He’s 54. Interestingly, PEOPLE posted a story about his birthday today with the title:

Brad Pitt Turns 54! He's 'Doing OK' After Angelina Jolie Split and 'Casually Dating'

Casually dating? Let’s come back to that in a minute. 

A year ago on his birthday, we were deep in World War Brange, with both sides leaking to the media to gain a public advantage. A month later, they agreed to a détente and started handling their sh-t privately. A few months after that, Brad made sad faces in GQ and even squeezed out a tear for the camera. He also admitted to drinking too much. Since then, he’s been pretty quiet. But there have been rumours. The loudest rumour involved him and Sienna Miller

And now, PEOPLE Magazine, is telling us that he’s “casually dating”. Are we being greased here? Are they prepping for something? Are they getting ready to roll out some news? How long do we have to acclimate to the “Brad Pitt is casually dating” headlines before the big headline about WHO he’s now (seriously) dating? And will it be Sienna Miller? Is that what’s happening as soon as 2018 arrives? Brad Pitt, new year, new partner?