Ariana Grande is 24 years old, turning 25 in June. Which makes her older than Justin Bieber and Harry Styles who both just turned 24 earlier this year. Does she seem older than they are to you? Does she seem older than 20 to you? Julia Roberts was just 21 when she was cast in Pretty Woman. 21! It always amazes me how ages look different by the generation.

Anyway, Pete Davidson and Ariana were born the same year. News broke last week that they’re dating. And today they made it Instagram official: 


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I Can’t” is what I used to call Ariana Grande. And there are still a lot of things that I Can’t where she’s concerned. But as Duana and I discussed on the podcast, she did her work in Manchester, she worked her ass off. Ariana was pure “I Can” in Manchester. And now…well…this might be a housemate situation. Because, look, Ariana is Slytherin, Slytherin proud. I too am Slytherin, Slytherin proud. Of course we’re proud. I appreciate a Slytherin who isn’t ashamed to be Slytherin and doesn’t want a re-sort. Why should there be shame? We’re the BEST. Ask Lin-Manuel Miranda. As IF he could be anything else. And don’t @ me, Gryffindor. Nobody’s here for your sanctimony.