Here’s the latest episode of Show Your Work, delayed this week because Duana and I wanted to see Wonder Woman before recording, and we usually record on Fridays. And also because we wanted to wait for the Wonder Woman box office. And of course there was One Love Manchester and Ariana Grande, Before Manchester and After Manchester.

But we begin with Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins and what boxes she had to check to make Wonder Woman happen. Answer: all of them. We also talk about what the word “cheesy” means to her and how, in showing her work, she’s given us a Wonder Woman that I end up comparing to Celine Dion. I KNOW, RIGHT? In fact, Celine comes up TWICE this episode. I consider this quite an achievement.

What makes Diana Prince great? And am I failing the side if I’m worried about her going forward? Do I need to be worried about her? Also, what does more Diana look like both for Diana Prince…and Gal Gadot (with a clarifier on the pronunciation)?

From there we move on to the artist formerly known as I Can’t Ariana Grande. It was certainly not intentional. She would never have wanted it this way, of course not. But she did choose the way One Love Manchester was presented. In that choice there was sensitivity and strategy both. In a very dark circumstance, we break down how Ariana Grande showed her work. And how she might continue to show her work going forward.

Thanks for your patience while we put this episode together. Thank you for showing us how you show your work. And showing us that you care so much about the Show Your Work conversation. The next episode will be posted at regular time, next Monday. Preview: Jennifer Lopez.

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